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Ultra Street:

Ultra Street is a Heads-up class designed for all types of vehicles from 60's muscle cars to late model Mustangs,
Firebirds and Camaros. Engine combinations ranging from Small Blocks to Conventional Headed Big Blocks. 
Suspension, both front and rear must retain stock configuration. Legal power adders include the use of a nitrous 
oxide single plate, centrifugal type supercharger, Single 76 mm or Twin 60mm or smaller turbochargers.
All entries compete on a 275/60-15 M/T 3754R Drag Radial or 28x10.5 Slick (NO W`S). 235 Drag Radials or 26 X 8.5 Slick 
Note: This set of class rules is presented to all competitors under the assumption that any modifications not 
specifically written within these rules shall be deemed illegal, unless the competitor has the expressed written 
consent from the WCHRA Tech Director. 
This class will be an all run heads-up field, with a card draw for pairings and a Instagreen Tree. 
Inline 6 cyl TURBO - 
Inline 6 cyl Centrifugal – 
Inline 6 cyl TURBO W/N2o – 
Inline 6 cyl Centrifugal w/N2o– 
Small Block up to 370 NITROUS 
Small Block over 370 NITROUS 
Small Block up to 370 Turbo (Factory Valve Angle Heads Only) 
Small Block up to 370 Centrifugal (Factory Valve Angle Heads Only) 
Small Block over 370 Turbo (Factory Valve Angle Heads Only)
Small Block over 370 Centrifugal (Factory Valve Angle Heads Only) 
Big Blocks up to 510 N/A or Nitrous 
Big Blocks over 510 N/A or Nitrous 
DIESEL POWERED Duramax, Cummins, Etc. (Multiple Power Adders OK) 

F.I. W/4150 TB and/or Dominator Carb and/or Intake 
Limited to N2o Plate System ONLY.
Aftermarket E.F.I. (No Progressing of N2o or Boost Control) 
N2o Fogger Type System (4150 Carb/Intake ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
Ladder Bar and/or Coil-Overs 
Small Block Heads... (Legal on N/A & N2o Entries ONLY!) 
Ls *15, SB Chevy*23 or SB Ford*20 Raised Runner… 
SBC or SBF 18*, Factory Cleveland, Pontiac CV-1 
F-1R, Xi or Equiv.... (Conv Heads Only) 
Air to Air Intercooler
Factory Installed 
Up to 370 C.I. w/aftermarket 
Over 370 C.I. w/aftermarket 
Air to Water Intercooler
Factory Installed 
Up to 370 C.I. w/aftermarket 
Over 370 C.I. w/aftermarket

OEM production engines only
Aftermarket cast iron blocks allowed. Factory "Mass Produced" OEM aluminum blocks permitted (CrossBreeding
O.K.) Original/Factory Bore Space ONLY!!
Any camshaft permitted.
Carburetor limited to a single conventional (4150 type design).
***Dominator type carbs allowed but limited to a N2o Nitrous plate system only!!!
Throttle body limited to a single 80 mm max. 90mm Mass Air Meter max Dual throttle bodies legal if factory 
equipped however, they will be limited to a max 90mm single mass air meter. 
(Electronic Fuel Injection) Factory fuel injection systems with the factory computer must be in use. Commercially 
available "plug-in" chips are OK. No DFI or aftermarket injection systems permitted. Laptops allowed in the pits, 
(Tuning, Recording Data, etc...) in any EFI car, outside of pit area, is not permitted, with NO EXCEPTIONS.
*Aftermarket F.I. and/or 4150 TB Allowed With
*Plate N2o System ONLY!*
Engine must remain in stock location (MOTOR PLATES ALLOWED) Engine may not touch the factory unaltered 
Aftermarket cylinder heads allowed, but must be produced with the factory valve angle (within +or-1 degree). 
Porting allowed.
4150 flange, commercially available, mass-produced cast aluminum single four barrel intakes are permitted. No 
Sheet metal, Tunnel Ram or other composite manifolds permitted!
*Dominator type allowed With
*Plate N2o System ONLY!*
EFI Manifolds:
Factory type Replacement or 4150 Flange ONLY!
Commercially available, mass-produced cast aluminum single four barrel intakes are permitted. 
No Dominator flange, sheet metal or Tunnel Ram allowed.
*4150 type Cast F.I. Manifolds with 4150 TB`s Allowed W/Weight Penalty*
Any style single stage plate (No Nozzles) 
Any N2o & Fuel Solenoid (Single Inlet/outlet)
Must use a SPEC N2o feed line from bottle to N2o Solenoid inlet
Single N2o bottle
Single purge solenoid O.K. (Must exit outside engine compartment)
Nitrous is limited to a conventional single stage plate system.
Two solenoids for nitrous system MAX, one nitrous, one fuel and a third is permitted only for a purge system. 
Plate has to be commercially available. System can only use one 10lb bottle, with a Traditional Braided -4 N2o 
line, min. of 6 feet in length from bottle to nitrous solenoid. 
*Fogger may be permitted on some Combos
*No progressive type controllers or Push Systems allowed*
Single centrifugal supercharger O.K. (List of legal superchargers are above)
Manual Boost Controllers ONLY!! (Cannot be within reach of the driver) Single 76mm OR Twin 60mm Max.(No 
Reducers) or smaller permitted on Small Blocks **WITH CONVENTIONAL/FACTORY VALVE ANGLE HEADS 
ONLY!** (This also includes Conventional Headed Buick, Olds & Pontiac)
All air entering the turbocharger must pass through the turbocharger inlet, Injection of any liquid, gas, or other 
substance into the inlet or exhaust housing prohibited. (N2o Permitted on Inline 6 cyl. Turbo entries, nozzles (Max.2) in Turbo inlet tube or TB Plate Only!!) **N2o Plate, solenoid & line rules 
*No Electronic/Multi-stage Boost controller's permitted*
Permitted Superchargers -
Vortech up to YS & YSI-trim Supercharger Systems
ATI D-1, D-1SC, D-1R, F1, F1A, F1C
F1R (Max Step up 5.40 / Cog Pulleys 130 total minimum tooth count)
(6 or 8 Rib Lower Pulley must be a Minimum of 7.65 inches)
Paxton Novi 2000 OR EQUIVALENT!
Production type mufflers are required. No collector inserts permitted. Modification or removal of muffler 
internals is prohibited (no gutting). Side exit permitted, no bullhorn style exhaust! Exhaust may not extend 
more than 3" beyond the body at exit point and cannot interfere with the staging beams!
Not Permitted.
Gasoline, E-85 & Race Gas only (No Alcohol or Nitro)
Programmable ignition systems permitted, use of Laptops and Hand held programmers O.K.
Dry sumps prohibited. The front cross member may be altered for oil pan removal. Vacuum pumps are 
Cooling System required
All cars must retain factory stock-type suspension. Front frame rails, radiator core support must remain in stock 
location. Aftermarket tubular control 
arms, coil over kits, or OEM front strut retrofits are permitted. But must be a direct bolt-on, no welding 
modifications permitted. Aftermarket Racing Struts with spindle mounts or hub mounts designed for tube type 
front ends are prohibited. Aftermarket Bolt-on Front End kits that use a strut to replace an a-arm type 
suspension for early Nova/Chevy II / Mustangs, etc. are permitted (Chris Alston, Smith Racecraft, Fat Man, 
Heidts, Scotts Hot Rods, T.C.I., etc..) Stock wheelbase will be enforced on all vehicles.
Aftermarket factory-replacement-type K-member permitted, but must attach to the chassis using only the 
original factory OEM-type mounting bolts. No part of the K-member may be welded to the chassis.
Stock rear suspension W/ Bolt on traction devices are permitted. Sway bars may be deleted or added (This 
includes "weld in" anti-rollbars). Leaf springs may be relocated for tire clearance purposes. Independent Rear 
Suspension Vehicles may use a coil-over Shock in the original Shock Location, rear-end may be solid but must 
use factory Body/Frame Mounting locations.
**Ladder Bars are permitted**
Stock frame rails must be retained front and rear and stock floor retained.
Sub frame connectors are permitted. Rear Frame may be notched for tire clearance.
Any OEM produced automatic transmission is allowed. Aftermarket torque converter, shift kit, valve body, 
shifter, and pan cooler use are permitted.
Factory and Aftermarket manual transmissions are allowed. Liberty or Lenco type transmissions are not 
permitted. All shifts must be made manually without the aid of electric or pneumatic devices. Also, clutch 
operation must be manual. *Single Disc clutch Only*
Any factory type rear end is allowed.
All vehicles must have front and rear brakes.
Rack and pinion allowed
The car must retain its original appearance and profiles; headlights, running lights, grille, bumpers etc. 
Aftermarket Fiberglass parts limited to hood, trunk, front bumper & Fenders only (MUST BE STOCK 
APPEARING!!). Maximum allowed Front overhang is 45" Max measured from Front axle centerline to forward 
most part of vehicle.
Car lettering is limited to windows only.
Must retain factory unaltered firewall, in factory location.
A cosmetic overlay is permitted.
Forward facing hood scoops are prohibited, unless factory equipped. Fiberglass replacement hoods with 
"Factory Style" scoop (Cowl-Induction, Thunderbolt, Six-Pack, Hemi, etc...) are permitted. No Grossly oversized
"Cowl Hoods" allowed. **** Discretion of race director****
All factory interior pieces must be in factory locations. Factory door panels, headliner (Preferred), carpet,
dashboard are required. Back seat may be deleted, but must have carpet covering the bare floor.
Two front bucket seats or one bench seat with upholstery required. Seats must remain in the stock location.
Safety glass & Lexan permitted (Must be STOCK APPEARING!). All front door windows must be fully operational.
The use of any "Reaction Time Devices" such as Optical Sensors, Delay Boxes are strictly prohibited!
The battery may be relocated & charging system (Alternator) optional.
Electric fans allowed.
All cars are required to have working headlights and tail lights, brake lights, turn signals. Headlights may not be 
removed for air inlet!
Front: Must have a minimum tread width of 4.5 inches. Front tires do not have to be DOT approved.
Rear: Limited to a M/T 3754R 275/60/15 Drag Radial or MAX 28X10.5 Slick (No W`s).Smaller Tire Permitted
You must retain stock wheel base with a maximum variation right to left and front to back of one inch.
Wheelie bars prohibited.

The driver when in the vehicle, from the ready line until the vehicle is safely stopped on the return road, is
required to have all the correct safety restraint systems (including the helmet) on and be securely fastened in 
the vehicle at all times
A Valid state or government issued driver’s license beyond a learner/s permit level is mandatory for cars running 
10.00 (6.40) or slower. A valid NHRA competition license is mandatory for cars running 9.99 (6.39) or quicker, at 
a NHRA Member Track. A valid NHRA or an IHRA competition license is mandatory at an IHRA Member Track.

Small Tire:
Instagreen, 1/8th mile minimum.
No nitro . Stock suspension or backhalf. No chassis cars.
No wheelie bars.
28/10.5 NON W or 275!
No 315 drag radials or 295

Big Tire:
1/8th mile , instagreen tree, no nitro, door cars only!
Boosted must have steel roof and quarter panels!
Nitrous cars!
Any size motor with steel roof and quarters!
If you have a fiberglass or carbon fiber body the max bore spacing you can run is a 5"!
N/A cars any body and any size motor!
***Big Tire rule addition
Like the rest of the grudge game we will also allow:
Cars that started life with a manufacture VIN plate with a VIN number (like GM Corvette) but must retain a stock style appearance! This is for the boosted and nitrous cars bigger than a 5" bore space motor to run as a stock factory roof and quarter panel car. Sorry I have to draw the line somewhere.

Outlaw 8.5:
1/8th mile, instagreen , no nitro, door car only.
No tube chassis or backhalf cars allowed .
Stock suspension or ladders bars are legal. Cars must retain stock rear frame rails . 
26/8.5 slick or radials are allowed



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